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DSZ Publications

Writing Letters of Acceptance and Dismissal: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Federal EEO Professional
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The Federal EEO Investigator's Companion
Nuts and bolts guidance on conducting an EEO investigation!

In The Federal EEO Investigator's Companion, Elizabeth Lytle is your personal guide through the process. Drawing on 25 years experience as an EEO investigator and investigation case manager, she explains the legal theories and bases of discrimination in plain English, using real-life examples to connect the legal with the practical.

Along with a firsthand account of the EEO investigator's role and investigation procedures and protocols, you get ready-to-use guidance to conduct an investigation, including how to:

  • Organize the file and get the investigation off to a good start
  • Write and finalize the affidavit
  • Obtain testimony and interview witnesses, even the uncooperative
  • Identify potential conflicts of interest
  • Determine time frames for the investigation
  • Complete with model forms, documents and other tools to help you through the investigation - and finish with a thorough, quality report.

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Resolution Reached, Formal Complaint Avoided: Practical Skills to Settle Federal EEO Disputes
Packed with advice, this new pamphlet outlines specific techniques for resolving employee grievances during informal counseling - helping your agency avoid formal EEO complaints. You get pointers to develop your resolution skills, giving you the framework to think through options that could satisfy the interests of both parties early in the process. Here's the guidance you need start to finish, in chapters dedicated to:

  • Barriers to Resolution and Strategies for Overcoming Them
  • Interviewing the Parties
  • Resolution Techniques
  • Special Considerations
  • Writing the Agreement
  • Save your agency time and money — and reduce stress for everyone involved - with strategies to:
  • Ask the right questions during interviews
  • Present the benefits of early resolution
  • Start - and end - each meeting
  • Handle disability-related conflicts, including private medical information
  • Determine the timeliness of the employee's counseling contact
  • Give physical cues to let the speaker know you're paying close attention

And, you get boilerplate language already used in agency settlement agreements - to help you write the most effective agreements.

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