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Arlington, VA Office
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principals Letter

Welcome to the DSZ web site. For over thirty years, we have focused our company on a single goal: to provide premier services addressing the many facets of conflict that affect our diverse workplaces. We have, from our inception, been dedicated to providing equity and efficiency in process for all parties engaged in employment disputes.

We do not litigate: we clarify complaints, through quality investigations, and we resolve conflicts, through counseling, mediation and training. We help our clients identify endemic employment problems and develop effective action plans. We help train managers and employees to implement effective equal employment strategies and to promote equity in their customer service. Our clients include huge Federal agencies with nationally distributed staff, such as DOD, USDA and FDIC, and smaller entities such as the University of Houston, the City of Somerville, MA., and Fisher College in Boston.

As we are employment law and employment conflict specialists with a problem-solving bent, you may need us for:

  • Preventive help, such as crafting a sexual harassment grievance policy
  • Crisis help, such as conducting an investigation into an employment complaint or mediating the resolution of a dispute
  • Policy help such as crafting a training program that supports the workplace dynamics that you want for your office or company.

Our able national staff of lawyers, social scientists, and mediators are devoted to assuring that our clients receive responsive and personal service in all of these tasks. We would be pleased to help you.

Conflict is inevitable. Creative resolution of conflict can draw positive energy from the disputes that surface in any workplace. Our clients have found that we can assist them in bringing the best outcomes from difficult employment encounters. We look forward to bringing such creativity to your employment issues.

Sincerely yours,
Sonya Williams and Megan Zorn