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A.S.K. Attitude, Skills and Knowledge

Training that helps to organize, manage and minimize employment conflict

For more information about DSZ's training programs, contact Sonya Williams, DSZ Marketing Contact, at swilliams@dsz.com.

DSZ's superb training staff includes lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, and human resource professionals. We provide dynamic, engaging, up-to-date interactive training designed to support your staff as they make critical day-to-day employment decisions. Follow this link for more detailed descriptions of our off-the-shelf course descriptions.


For Your Managers:

  • Equal Employment Savvy for Managers and Supervisors
  • Recognition and Prevention of Sexual Harassment
  • Accommodating the Disabled Worker: Myth and Fact
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution: Management Input on Outcomes

For Your Staff:

  • Equal Employment Responsibilities and Rights
  • Sexual Harassment: Recognition and Prevention
  • Effective Conflict Management in a Diverse Workplace

For EEO Professionals:

  • EEO Investigations: How to Conduct Reliable and Defensible Inquiries
  • Compensatory Damages: Investigative Techniques and Assessment Measures
  • Reasonable Accommodation: Strategies That Work
  • Mediation and ADR in Employment Conflicts

For Federal Sector EEO Professionals:

  • Basic and Advanced EEO Counselor Training
  • Writing Letters of Acceptance and Early Dismissal Letters
  • Writing Sound Final Agency Decisions in Employment Complaints