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Arlington, VA Office
1560 Wilson Blvd., Suite 1050
Arlington, VA 22209
(tel) 703.528.4921
(fax) 703.243.5250

Boston, MA Office
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Online Training

We now offer our EEO training online. This allows you to train personnel wherever they are located nationally or internationally. With one click, staff can access online training modules that include:

  • Comprehensive content and lectures
  • Downloads of handouts and other related materials
  • Quizzes and tests to measure learning
  • Certificates of completion

DSZ online training can be accessed anywhere, anytime

  • Our secure training platform allows you to open the training link on almost any computer or device that has internet access. Your staff can use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone to complete their training.
  • Our online trainings allow staff to stop and restart the training modules. Staff can access training modules at their own pace, as they have time.

DSZ trainings provide certificates of completion

  • Your staff will automatically receive a certificate of completion once they finish the training and successfully complete the quizzes or tests. We typically set passing scores at 80%.

DSZ reports your staff's performance

  • We can provide weekly or monthly reports that tell you which staff has completed their training, started their training, or have not opened the training.
  • We can report quiz answers at the person level. However, since staff can retake quizzes until they meet the threshold for passing, reporting person level answers may not provide value.

Want to learn more?

  • Follow this link for more detailed descriptions of our on line training course descriptions

Sample – EEO Introduction Training
Sample – Sexual Harassment Training
Sample – Accommodation to Disability
Sample – EEO Training

Read more more detailed descriptions of our online training courses.