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Final Agency Decisions

F.A.I.R. Factual, Appropriate, Impartial, and Reliable

Analysis and Findings

DSZ offers its clients two types of case analyses:

  • Informal findings/conclusions based on investigative records;
  • Formal findings/conclusions, based on investigative records, sufficiently detailed for use in EEOC hearings.

Formal findings/conclusions include all appropriate legal citations, and are available in different formats acceptable to EEOC, on disc in either Word Perfect 5.1 or Microsoft Word 7.0. They include all appropriate appeal rights and can be adopted by the user as provided with little or no change.

If you are interested in more information on FADs, please contact DSZ Case Intake, lrobinson@dsz.com

Informal findings/conclusions are less detailed, less "legalistic" and, as a consequence, less expensive for those users who desire a brief assessment of whether an investigative record supports a finding of discrimination or a finding of no discrimination. This type of assessment is particularly useful for making decisions about whether settlement efforts are warranted.

Samples of these different products can be provided for your review. DSZ's informal findings/conclusions are relied on by DOD, among other clients, while our formal final agency decisions are used by many federal agencies, including the GSA, NASA, SBA, TVA, USDA, and others.

Looking for reliable case analyses?